viking footbugg

taking notes

guarding the boats

stout and stabbin’

Dying and drinkin’ beer, that’s what opera’s all about.


There is not one single thing about this that is not awesome. The horned helmet. The ankh-emblazoned shield. The ENORMOUS greatsword. The woad, the tartan, the huge head of red hair. ALL AWESOME.

like red to a bull

When I was in grade school, I got yelled at for not knowing the proper way to skim a text to extract the most info. I’m pretty sure the Buggs would have gotten detention, if not expelled, for their incredible lack of good skimming skills. They just sort of zoom in on their favorite keywords and don’t let something like deeper reading get in the way of fun cosplay. This is the conversation I imagine happening when this sort of thing turns up on my lunchbox: Mr Bugg: “It says imperial forces …” Mrs Bugg: “That means someone gets to be Bugg Vader!” Mr Bugg: “… and Swedes …” Mrs Bugg: “DIBS ON THE FUZZY BOOTS AND THE HAT WITH HORNS!” Mr Bugg: “Coolio. Let’s kick this pig.”

viking funeral

While part of me would really like to see the boats re-used for other re-enactments, or see the wood re-used for some killer art project or bathroom remodel or some shit, I cannot deny the epic awesomeness of the boat on fire, combined with the Buggs’ crazy-good viking outfits — not least of which is Mrs Bugg’s furry boots holy crap. Also: Horned helmets. Horned helmets are the shit.