something bad

I don’t remember what it was, but given my former positions, it could not have been good.


Buggstone library

As a Chibuggoan, I can confirm that all schools teach Spontaneous Choreographed Street Dancing so we can be prepared to break into big dance numbers like in Ferris Bueller. Fellow Chibuggoans, back me up!

death star canteen

the plague


We love Sense8 in this house, especially Nomi & Amanita <3

three-drink suriel

I can’t do my trick anymore, not since my surgery 🙁 

good hygiene

am I the only one concerned that they’re swimming in *brine*? that is not going to feel good on their pink bits. if they have pink bits. really sorry I started this train of thought. 

in conclusion, SANDWICHES.


I think these were our Nexus 6s?  

the beard was made with a blackberry

and all through the house

sandwich trouble again

origami does not need tools, guys

for sure not BLOWTORCHES, Mrs Bugg

stargate-themed bugturnalia

his ghost fell out

from this, which I originally read upon the Tumblrs.

just in case

it was the dogs!


Can’t remember if they’re riding dogs or cats. Could go either way.

the mandoline is much safer