new cosplays

I love my cosplaying buggs.

jazz hands apples

those were dark times


but not, like, *doffs hat* m’lady.

interpretive dance

common hazards

we’re on a mission from glod



oh, I ken, all right



I wouldn’t dream of questioning that.

forza 4

You guys, Forza 4 was my game. I have a killer Fanatec wheel-and-pedals setup, and when I was unemployed I played so much I was in the top 10% in the world for circuit races and a couple other categories. it was SO MUCH FUN and I am deeply saddened that my wheel isn’t compatible with the Xbox One. I am also sad that I don’t have nearly the time for gaming that I used to, but I’m glad the Buggs are enjoying my game!

chosen family

they’re *action figures*

I *just this second* noticed that Mr Bugg’s figure is Agnes in her Unicorn Princess outfit from the first Despicable Me.

miss fisher


cosplay buggs

Westley and … his Jaffa? Maybe the Jaffa serves Princess Buttercup?

it’s “don’t cross the streams”, guys

It’s totally ok to combine cheeses, guys, I promise.


Oh wow the 2019 Iditarod just ended! It was the first one I’d ever paid attention to, thanks to a friend suggesting I follow Blair Braverman on Twitter. SO GOOD. MANY DEG.