yeah, he “discovers” it

coincidence? we think not

it’s not legal without a flag

flags are powerful

guarding the boats

florida bugg

lewis and bugg

exploring pegasus

Again, super jealous. Also: LOVE LOVE LOVE Mrs Bugg dual-wielding the P90s.

go forth, young buggle

Hey, check it out — for once, Mrs Bugg is not playing the part of the ship’s figurehead! I’m guessing she called dibs on the beard.

come to Buggmaica, mon

“Please don’t enslave us or give us diseases, though, ok?”

but which galaxy?

And do they need extra power to dial the eight or ninth chevrons?

no more exploring for Buggellan

He is an ex-explorer. He is exploring with the explorers invisible. (Mrs Bugg looks WAY too happy about this drawing — like one of those hunters posing with their kill.)


And soon the place will be overrun with Cajuns. Yay for poboys and crawfish etouffee!

of course he brought a flag

Those are some srs bsns boots Mrs Bugg is rocking. I hope Mr Bugg’s feet aren’t too cold.

like manga for buggs

I’m just guessing here.


Am I the only one who loves the fact that “topless” translates to “leave off the stripes”? I hope not.

go west, young bugg

Pioneer buggs were super brave.


Five bucks says Mrs Bugg fell over after she stopped spinning.

have a cigar

Also, that is one scary beard Mrs Bugg is rocking.

survey says

I guess I never knew that orange safety vests existed in the 18th century. The more you know!