los bugeles

colonialism, oceania style

easter island

sir bugcis



santa bugba

It’s missions all the way down today!

my kinda town, chibugo is


what a co-inky-dink

the new world is filled with stargates and flip phones

it’s all true

Fellow Chicagoans, back me up — all PE classes include how to spontaneously break into choreographed dance numbers when needed, e.g., The Blues Brothers, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, etc., right?

the devils were already there

puerto bugco

sir walter buggleigh

way down south

spoiler: it was Dr Bugg

What if it hadn’t been, though? How big a prat would Bugg Stanley look like if it was some other random white guy?

the dominabug republic

take this boat to Cuba

it’s better in the bugghamas