impressive hat, Mrs Bugg

taking notes

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Mrs Bugg looks pretty fierce with those daggers! Mr Bugg’s flintlock pistol would probably aerate her nicely from a distance, though.

only missing the parrot this time

buggbeard [click to embiggen]

However, an acceptable alternative to the parrot, the lovely red frock coat, is an excellent substitution. Throw a tricorn hat in there, and you are golden.

an excellent choice

pegleg [click to embiggen]

When presented with no good options, always choose something that involves (a) weaponry; (b) wooden legs; (c) parrots; and/or (d) great big bushy beards.

A combination of all four of those? SUPERIOR.

vasco de buggama

vasco de buggama [click to embiggen]

Funny, I don’t remember him having a pirate hat. Ah, hell, let’s just run with it.

Also: Mrs Bugg as the ship’s figurehead, YAY!

pirates vs ninjas, part one million

pirates vs ninjas part one million [click to embiggen]

Oh, man, Mrs Bugg is going to do some damage with those wicked spikes on her boot-heels.

the other fight club

fight club [click to embiggen]

The Buggs will use absolutely any excuse to :

  • Fight
  • Cosplay
  • Cosplay pirates or ninjas
  • Chop off limbs in the name of convincing cosplay


Mr Bugg is the pirate this time, with a swashbuckling feathered hat, cutlass, small pistol and eyepatch. He’s also got one peg-leg and one regular leg, with what I strongly suspect is a very cool, pirate-y boot. Mrs Bugg is the ninja, and she is all in black as we would expect. She’s flourishing a trident in one hand and nunchucks in the other, and her leg is raised and ready to kick Mr Bugg’s hat clean off him.

The text reads: “Sometimes you just need to have a pirate vs. ninja fight.”



bugbeard [click to embiggen]

Can I just say right now that I’m glad they didn’t re-enact the beheading and/or the tying of Bugbeard’s head to Maynard’s ship? Because ew.


Mr Bugg is cosplaying as a Royal Navy captain, waving a flintlock pistol and grinning hugely. Mrs Bugg, meanwhile, is rocking a peg leg and a huge beard, waving a cutlass which was apparently not enough to stop another cutlass being poked into her chest. A bloodstain is spreading across her chest, and she looks sad that her life of profitable piracy is coming to an end.

The text reads: “Bugvember 22, 1718: Bugbeard the pirate is killed off the coast of North Buggalina.”




That’s some superior pirate cosplay there, guys! I should get them a good galleon to go plundering in.


Mr and Mrs Bugg are in full pirate regalia. Mr Bugg has cut off a leg and inserted a peg leg, and is waving a cutlass and a musket while a parrot sits on his shoulder. Oh, and he’s wearing an eyepatch. Meanwhile, Mrs Bugg is wearing a killer tricorn hat with the skull and bones on it. She’s cut off one of her hands and replaced with with a hook, and is also waving a cutlass. She’s also sporting a great big bushy beard, which we know she likes.

The text reads: “Adn … Buggs with props. Arrrrgghh … Capt. Pointy and GrapeBeard.”