the mandoline is much safer

the music died

ah, the glory days of the etsy shop

they probably shouldn’t have tried that with my gigantic Henckels

yay Christine!


I can’t remember if I told the story of The Rickenbacker. Did I? The server hosting my personal blog is borked, so I can’t go look. On the plus side, this tells me that these are scans from 2 or 3 years ago, so at least I’m not out of order~

I haven’t had that phone in years

Thereby clearly documenting how far behind I am, and how big a chunk I accidentally bypassed when scanning the drawings. UGH.

we love downton abbey in this house


space heater

I’m almost never mad about candy

string watermelon

skull jammies, as I recall

nice buttons

homobuggality is not a disorder

wish I could remember why I missed it

spoiler: he got the job

because my sweetie ROCKS, yo.


camping buggs

rock out