light sabers > carrots

I escaped somehow

h/t to Thumb Wars for the “escaped somehow” line

star wars the something something



My real question is, how does his head stay in place when the body spins?

death star canteen

with Bugg Vader!


wonder why

not lantean [click to embiggen]

Those outfits are totally not Lantean, guys. They’re super cool, though, so well done!

(Should I make a “juice box” tag? LOVE the juice boxen.)

not that empire

not that empire [click to embiggen]

On the other hand, asking the Buggs to pass up Star Wars cosplay is kind of a mean thing to do.


c3po [click to embiggen]

Our first C3PO cosplay! Love this so hard.

wrong “imperial”

not that imperial [click to embiggen]

But who am I to argue with Star Wars cosplay?

playing dress-up

dressup [click to embiggen]

I will never not love Mrs Bugg with her pi symbol, nor Darth Vader with a juice box.

mixing universes

mixing your cosplay [click to embiggen]

I like to think they’re learning from their cultural differences.

are you Mr Stevens? Head of Catering?

because it's hot [click to embiggen]

Look, pasta all’arrabiata is hot, that’s all I’m saying.

before the wreckage

before the wreckage [click to embiggen]

Ahh, yes, once more, I have scanned drawings out of order. Go me!

On the plus side: mixed Star Wars / Stargate cosplay, the Sharpie’d god symbol on Mrs Bugg’s forehead, and the juice boxes. LOVE.

or bring your own snacks

cantina [click to embiggen]

I don’t go anywhere without several small snacks in my bag. I’m not nibbling on anyone’s over-ear cinnabuns.


comicon [click to embiggen]

Well, Loki and I went with our SG-23 outfits — and were rewarded with a Jaffa sighting! But a Bugg Wars theme would have been equally awesome.

like red to a bull

unlikely combo [click to embiggen]

When I was in grade school, I got yelled at for not knowing the proper way to skim a text to extract the most info. I’m pretty sure the Buggs would have gotten detention, if not expelled, for their incredible lack of good skimming skills. They just sort of zoom in on their favorite keywords and don’t let something like deeper reading get in the way of fun cosplay.

This is the conversation I imagine happening when this sort of thing turns up on my lunchbox:

Mr Bugg: “It says imperial forces …”
Mrs Bugg: “That means someone gets to be Bugg Vader!”
Mr Bugg: “… and Swedes …”
Mr Bugg: “Coolio. Let’s kick this pig.”

sometimes he doesn’t get the memo

canteen again [click to embiggen]

Or he is deliberately trolling the Star Wars fandom, take your pick.


Mrs Bugg is dolled up in a full-on Chewbacca get-up, including the bandolier and crossbow. You better believe she has not forgotten her bow and boots. Mr Bugg, however? Mr Bugg is rocking the first-gen Star Trek outfit, science officer, to be precise, along with the pointy ears of Mr Spock. He is making the live-long-and-prosper gesture.

The text reads: “Taking some time to eat at the Death Star Canteen. Please ignore Mr Bugg’s outfit.”