taking notes

ameribugg buggstand

the king

the buggs are big Dark Matter fans

And yes, I’ve posted a few of these out of order. Alas.

there’s always one who’s good at swords

Dark Matter Premiere Buggs No. 2

they’re enjoying the premiere of Dark Matter

I’m glad I can’t remember what this was about

you ain’t nothin’ but a hound corndog

we love Joan Jett in this household

what is bugg?

using bugg-point energy



We switched cable providers last May, and got HBuggO again, which apparently pleases the Buggs a lot.

I wonder how many people watched it

I mean, c’mon. 1938? There were probably all of ten televisions in Britain!

and it was a sci-fi show!

And the commander’s name was BUZZ! And those OUTFITS SO HELP ME. Those hats are KILLING ME.

hello dolly

I will never not love Mr and Mrs Bugg as Wall-E and Eve.

you do know it’s fake, right?

I love the fact that the Buggs’ wrestling ring appears to be triangular.


Dude. She’s knocked out three teeth with one punch holy crap. I hope teeth grow back like limbs and things.


And in a burst of wishful thinking after this morning’s post, the Buggs do a fabulous portrayal of the fabulous scene from Misfits, in which the extra-chavvy Kelly goes back in time to nut Hitler.