Yes, that’s Zoey with a T.

new doeg

never give up, never surrender

forever protect the dire corndogs

guarding the boats

best in show

I wonder if the handlers were as psychotic in the 19th century?

thank you, Fenris!

I love our dog. He’s always keeping us safe from UPS guys, the mail carrier and blowing leaves — the ninjas that want us dead, that are scared away by his booming barks at 4am or whenever we’d really appreciate some quiet.


All hail the cream-cheese delivery device!


I mean, he’ll do DOWN followed by SIT all day long — with a bounce up on the SIT if there’s a treat involved, because he loves him some puppy pushups — but no, simultaneous DOWN and SIT are incompatible, Buggs. Nice try, though.

walking hand in hand with the one I love

Yes, I just quoted Neil Sedaka lyrics. What can I say, my musical upbringing was varied and strange. And anyway, they are apt. Look at the happiness on the faces of all three of them! Love, love, love.

behind every tree


best of breed


save fenris

I’d point out their error, but what if our dog needs saving one day? It’s good to be prepared.


Yeah, I’m always gonna like mutts best. Plus some of the characteristics breeders select for are just fucking nuts. Smushed-in noses & bug eyes are never going to be awesome, guys.

Fenris vs. ninjas

True story: Fenris can hear the UPS guy pulling into our neighborhood, two blocks away. Fenris does not approve of this. He approves still less of the UPS guy pulling up to our house. Interestingly, he could care less about the FedEx guy or the USPS lady. Of course, half the time, we can’t hear the UPS truck two blocks away, so we act like it’s ninjas. “Thanks for scaring off the ninjas, Fenris!” The other half of the time, it’s the middle of the godsdamned night and obviously not the UPS guy — and now we know what it really was.

that dog loves him some lasers

No seriously. He even got his own automated laser for Christmas from friends of ours, which was kind of the most awesome thing ever.

oh, it’s on, all right

Dude, she didn’t even need to grab the reins if she wanted to go fast; she just had to wait for three seconds, until Fenris realized he was close to the spot where he saw a kid/cat/dog that one time, and bolted. Transcript: Mr Bugg is sitting on Fenris’ back, holding onto the hair with one hand and waving to get Mrs Bugg’s attention. He is looking a bit worried. Mrs Bugg is still standing, but she has grabbed the leash/reins and is probably screaming at Fenris to go faster, encouragement he does not require. The text reads: “Mrs Bugg has grabbed the reins on Fenris … now it’s on.”  

safety precautions

If Mrs Bugg had to stop taking extreme risks, she would die of boredom. Transcript: Mr Bugg is sitting sensibly on Fenris’ back, holding the leash like reins. Mrs Bugg, meanwhile, is standing up, not holding on to anything, her arms in the air like she’s on a roller coaster, which may well be the case if Fenris spots a cat, another dog, a kid, or basically anything he’d really like to make friends with. The text reads: “Mrs Bugg does not believe in remaining seated while Fenris is in motion.”  

missing her

I don’t remember what prompted this, but we’re six months on from this drawing and I still badly miss our Freya-boo. Transcript: Mr and Mrs Bugg are holding hands and waving, and they are wearing black armbands to indicate that they are still in mourning. The text reads: “The Buggs miss Freya, too … but they always remember so many good things about her … other than she wouldn’t let them ride her.”  


OMG. Yes. Fenris loves the laser pointer. It drives him right out of his doggie mind. Transcript: Mr and Mrs Bugg stand on Fenris’ back, holding a laser pointer above their heads. They are aiming it in front of the dog. Not pictured: the restraints they should really be wearing to hold them onto his back as he tears around like a mad thing. The text reads: “The Buggs thought Fenris would get more exercise if he ran.”