it was the dogs!


Can’t remember if they’re riding dogs or cats. Could go either way.

space heater

poor laika

crate training, smol dog edition

fenris is helping

weapons platform


Yes, that’s Zoey with a T.

new doeg

never give up, never surrender


forever protect the dire corndogs


guarding the boats


best in show

corndog show [click to embiggen]

I wonder if the handlers were as psychotic in the 19th century?

thank you, Fenris!

thank you, fenris [click to embiggen]

I love our dog. He’s always keeping us safe from UPS guys, the mail carrier and blowing leaves — the ninjas that want us dead, that are scared away by his booming barks at 4am or whenever we’d really appreciate some quiet.


kong [click to embiggen]

All hail the cream-cheese delivery device!


commands [click to embiggen]

I mean, he’ll do DOWN followed by SIT all day long — with a bounce up on the SIT if there’s a treat involved, because he loves him some puppy pushups — but no, simultaneous DOWN and SIT are incompatible, Buggs.

Nice try, though.

walking hand in hand with the one I love

walking hand in hand [click to embiggen]

Yes, I just quoted Neil Sedaka lyrics. What can I say, my musical upbringing was varied and strange.

And anyway, they are apt. Look at the happiness on the faces of all three of them! Love, love, love.

behind every tree

walkies [click to embiggen]


best of breed

corndogg show [click to embiggen]


save fenris

save fenris [click to embiggen]

I’d point out their error, but what if our dog needs saving one day? It’s good to be prepared.