taking the throne

run mary run

I escaped somehow

h/t to Thumb Wars for the “escaped somehow” line

aethelred never gets old

william and mary

the buggs sure do love that grapheme

super duper bad

the bugg queen

the Buggs seem really sad that they were not around during Mary’s time. 


mary queen of buggs

In case you’re new here: The buggs think that burning someone at the stake means roasting marshmallows with them. We are *NOT* explaining the truth to them, ok? OK!


king loki

you do know that my sweetie is called Loki, right? he who draws these buggs?

well, now you do~

the confessor

nice Bughaus tshirt


love the tartan crown


the buggs loves them some tartan

the buggs will go to any lengths to wear tartan

the best misunderstanding off all

Ahhh, innocent buggs. Never change.

demand that crown, Bugdar