light sabers > carrots


star wars the something something

no internet


My real question is, how does his head stay in place when the body spins?

new cosplays

I love my cosplaying buggs.

we’re on a mission from glod

forza 4

You guys, Forza 4 was my game. I have a killer Fanatec wheel-and-pedals setup, and when I was unemployed I played so much I was in the top 10% in the world for circuit races and a couple other categories. it was SO MUCH FUN and I am deeply saddened that my wheel isn’t compatible with the Xbox One. I am also sad that I don’t have nearly the time for gaming that I used to, but I’m glad the Buggs are enjoying my game!

miss fisher

cosplay buggs

Westley and … his Jaffa? Maybe the Jaffa serves Princess Buttercup?

death star canteen


We love Sense8 in this house, especially Nomi & Amanita <3


I think these were our Nexus 6s?  

that was the year Loki and I dressed as middle-aged Nux + Capable

sewing machine

taking notes

cosplay in the pegasus galaxy

I don’t know the guy on the left, but the girl is Helena