sewing machine

taking notes

cosplay in the pegasus galaxy

I don’t know the guy on the left, but the girl is Helena

the bugg awakens


my own personal battlebuggs


Wish I could remember what this was about …

there’s always one who’s good at swords

Dark Matter Premiere Buggs No. 2

they’re enjoying the premiere of Dark Matter


stargates for all

run for the gate, screaming and firing behind you

both galaxies

Buggs in the Pegasus galaxy

exploring pegasus

Again, super jealous. Also: LOVE LOVE LOVE Mrs Bugg dual-wielding the P90s.

I ship it

Fucking love Daniel and Vala. And that outfit of Vala’s! That is totally the first Vala figure I got, because hot damn.

way to go, SBugg1

Because energy weapons don’t work on replicators!

that reminds me

I totally want the RepliCarter action figure for our Stargate display.