The Buggs have some strange ideas about how the world works. I keep explaining them inline, as it were, but I thought a central repository would be more efficient.

Womens’ Suffrage

    So there are a lot of bug species where the female eats the male, right? Well, in the bugg universe, women buggs were given the right to vote, in exchange for not eating the males.

Burning at the Stake

    In this case, our particular Buggs, in their re-enactments, have not looked too closely into the practice of burning at the stake, and assume it meant one got to toast marshmallows on the fire with the condemned. I frankly like their explanation better.


    Buggs are like lizards: They can regrow lost limbs, quite quickly. This comes in handy, since the Buggs love both violent sports and cosplay that includes limb removal — especially pirates. It’s all about the peg leg, you know.


    All universities are magical, all their students are witches and wizards, and everyone gets a flying broom. This is the Buggs’ view of the world, and dammit, I am not going to wreck that for them.