Wolfgang is pushy

we miss the pupper familias

the fun’s gone out of life

missing Fenris

dark days

Sorry if our normally-fun drawings’ dark turn is upsetting, but 2018 was a shitshow of grief and pain for us, and the buggs feel that. 

fenris feels

That was a rough time, for sure. Fuck cancer.

love Fenris


crate or no

yeah, all of these are out of order. they’re not tone-deaf or anything, I just got the order mixed up when I scanned them. 


ok, now it seems like these are from before my mom died? I just don’t even know, these are so out of order, y’all.


wolfie will eat anything


Y’all, he is a HANDFUL.


Ahh, the first post about His Royal Highness the Grand Duke Wolfgang von Schnitzelberg! it was kind of a bad scene for a while, ngl. if I’d known he was a puppy … well, we still probably would’ve taken him. 

butt stuff

Fenris was our dog, btw.


Oh wow the 2019 Iditarod just ended! It was the first one I’d ever paid attention to, thanks to a friend suggesting I follow Blair Braverman on Twitter. SO GOOD. MANY DEG.

hot hot heat

it was the dogs!


Can’t remember if they’re riding dogs or cats. Could go either way.