they’re *action figures*

I *just this second* noticed that Mr Bugg’s figure is Agnes in her Unicorn Princess outfit from the first Despicable Me.

didn’t realize NAMM was held in the Pegasus galaxy

I’m really bummed Loki & I had to go to the boring one in Anaheim.

stargate-themed bugturnalia

silly buggs, that’s not where the Stargate was

first years get P90s or staff weapons; no rail guns until fourth year

cosplay in the pegasus galaxy

I don’t know the guy on the left, but the girl is Helena



stargates for all


run for the gate, screaming and firing behind you


using bugg-point energy


been there, done that, got the shirt


exploring pegasus

exploring pegasus [click to embiggen]

Again, super jealous. Also: LOVE LOVE LOVE Mrs Bugg dual-wielding the P90s.

rolling through the gate

rolling through the gate [click to embiggen]

Look, as long as the track is low enough to avoid the kawoosh, I’m not seeing a problem.

I am pretty jealous, though, I must admit.


sacrifice [click to embiggen]

Dude, right? Fenris can eviscerate a fluffy bunny toy in nothing flat — leaving us with fluffy bunny guts all over the living room. It’s a little creepy.