it’s just a jump to the left

spoiler: Bugmbi’s mom dies


buggs bunny

rude cinema audiences


scary stuff

with Bugg Vader!

Dr Zhivago



Yeah, thanks, Amandabugg. I totally will not hold it against you when you contribute to me getting fired, thereby undoing all the weeks of awesome we shared before then. Er. Still a little bitter, yeah. I’m working on it.

grauman’s bugg

Thus did their silly error launch a tradition that would persist for nearly a century, to date.

three hundred

Yeah, that’s a pretty good film to cosplay. I mean, what do you need? A cape, a shield, some sort of pointy stick and leather undies, right?

turns out? not a pinko.

Again with Mrs Bugg blushing. So. Damn. Cute.

kinky boots

I feel like I’m getting everything I need to know from this drawing.

toy story

Awesome choice, Buggs!

no time for love, Dr. Jones

That was a good one.


That is literally the only cockroach I have not been physically repulsed by. Also: that scene in space with the fire extinguisher? Genius.