a glorious day for gamers

the invention of the worst board game ever


boardgame love on Loki’s birthday

board games


gaming [click to embiggen]

I wish I could remember what we played! We had fun every single time, though, which was nice.

equal opportunity

equal opportunity [click to embiggen]

Yeah, do that shit on the orcs, not each other, please and thank you.


brutalize [click to embiggen]

Not gonna lie, I was pretty traumatized by this one, even knowing about the regeneration.

using P90s on orcs hardly seems fair

buggdor [click to embiggen]

I would not have thought that a world created by Tolkien would have a Stargate address, but there you go. Clearly the Buggs’ supercomputer is superior to that in the SGC.


RRRRRs [click to embiggen]

No worries, Buggs! I know how addicting Assassin’sBugsassin’s Creed can be.

shadows of bugdor

shadows of bugdor [click to embiggen]

You’re very welcome, Buggs! We had a gift card 😀

playing the xbugg

xbugg [click to embiggen]

I bet, that with one of them on movement & the other on firing, they rule shooters.


gaming [click to embiggen]

Really wish I could remember what game I got them. “Something with weaponry” is as close as I’m getting, and honestly, that does not narrow it down.

lego hobbit

lego hobbit [click to embiggen]

What’s not to like?

(Actually, I’ll tell you: making the first volume of the game about movies 1 and 2, and promising to release DLC for the third movie, then failing to do so. What the fuck is that about?)

the game of greed

monopobugly [click to embiggen]

It is also the game of family fights, cheating, and hurt feelings.

So basically: America.

old skool dressup

old skool dressup [click to embiggen]

The spaceman was my favorite. Jetpacks made from 2-liter bottles: BRILLIANT.

costume quest 2

costume quest [click to embiggen]

We are huge fans of Costume Quest in this household, and were so stoked for Costume Quest 2. So very, very stoked.


plunder [click to embiggen]

No worries, Buggs. I know from the excitement of new countries to plunder.


dreambugg [click to embiggen]

Hands up if you are hearing (a) “SAAY-GAAAAA” and/or (b) the chiming sound that happens when you get the coins.

Also, no disrespect to Mr Bugg, but I never liked Tails.

guns a-blazin’

shadowrunners [click to embiggen]

I’m not sure what archetype Mr Bugg is playing here, with both the Barrett sniper rifle and a grenade launcher, but I’m sure he’s going to have loads of fun with it, from a safe distance. Mrs Bugg, on the other hand, looks ready for some close combat. She’ll gut yer as soon as look at yer, chummer.