boardgame love on Loki’s birthday

board games


I wish I could remember what we played! We had fun every single time, though, which was nice.

equal opportunity

Yeah, do that shit on the orcs, not each other, please and thank you.


Not gonna lie, I was pretty traumatized by this one, even knowing about the regeneration.

using P90s on orcs hardly seems fair

I would not have thought that a world created by Tolkien would have a Stargate address, but there you go. Clearly the Buggs’ supercomputer is superior to that in the SGC.


No worries, Buggs! I know how addicting Assassin’sBugsassin’s Creed can be.

shadows of bugdor

You’re very welcome, Buggs! We had a gift card 😀

playing the xbugg

I bet, that with one of them on movement & the other on firing, they rule shooters.


Really wish I could remember what game I got them. “Something with weaponry” is as close as I’m getting, and honestly, that does not narrow it down.

lego hobbit

What’s not to like? (Actually, I’ll tell you: making the first volume of the game about movies 1 and 2, and promising to release DLC for the third movie, then failing to do so. What the fuck is that about?)

the game of greed

It is also the game of family fights, cheating, and hurt feelings. So basically: America.

old skool dressup

The spaceman was my favorite. Jetpacks made from 2-liter bottles: BRILLIANT.

costume quest 2

We are huge fans of Costume Quest in this household, and were so stoked for Costume Quest 2. So very, very stoked.


No worries, Buggs. I know from the excitement of new countries to plunder.


Hands up if you are hearing (a) “SAAY-GAAAAA” and/or (b) the chiming sound that happens when you get the coins. Also, no disrespect to Mr Bugg, but I never liked Tails.

guns a-blazin’

I’m not sure what archetype Mr Bugg is playing here, with both the Barrett sniper rifle and a grenade launcher, but I’m sure he’s going to have loads of fun with it, from a safe distance. Mrs Bugg, on the other hand, looks ready for some close combat. She’ll gut yer as soon as look at yer, chummer.

massively multi-bugg

Oh, Buggs! The things that are in store for you! Sometimes I miss those heady days.

be careful not to shoot your horse

We started playing this game in large part because of listening to Wil Wheaton describe playing it during a panel at Phoenix Comicon lo these many years ago. He specifically mentioned accidentally shooting his horse, and how horrifying it was, and all I could think was, dude, it’s a horse, it’s pretty big, you’d think it’d be easy to miss. Well, no. It is horrifyingly easy to shoot your horse. WTF, Rockstar Games. WTF. I am therefore glad that Mr and Mrs Bugg appear to be confining their activities to roping and practicing their quickdraw.

donkey bugg

One of the greats! Not a patch on Tempest, mind you, but right up there.