do they know?

I don’t think they know, guys. Quick, someone write a song!

not much of a mystery, was it?

general relativity

They trade off who gets to cosplay Einstein because the wig is the business.

Brits go home

I’m gonna sign the Buggs up for Gaelic lessons

are you Doobie Keebler?


crime lab

origin of the species


the devils were already there

I haven’t had that phone in years

Thereby clearly documenting how far behind I am, and how big a chunk I accidentally bypassed when scanning the drawings. UGH.

take my order, jot it down

we love downton abbey in this house

simon sucks

doctor bugg

so many buggs

for the Liberty of Unlicenc’d Printing

or someone lost the bath plug


all operas apparently involve horns and masks. all of them.