the canoe club

mission santa barbugga

it’s all true

Fellow Chicagoans, back me up — all PE classes include how to spontaneously break into choreographed dance numbers when needed, e.g., The Blues Brothers, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, etc., right?

they probably shouldn’t have tried that with my gigantic Henckels

a glorious day for gamers


excellent choice for the first neon, buggs

all star

they probably did not use brass knuckles, Mrs Bugg

probably not a candy heart tho


wave gotik uni

crisis averted

yay Christine!

I’m a bugper, you’re a bugper

that is a HUGE sword


I can’t remember if I told the story of The Rickenbacker. Did I? The server hosting my personal blog is borked, so I can’t go look. On the plus side, this tells me that these are scans from 2 or 3 years ago, so at least I’m not out of order~

lucy loves desi

international footbugg

do they know?

I don’t think they know, guys. Quick, someone write a song!

not much of a mystery, was it?