the rot has set in



We love The Boxtrolls in this house.

laundry can wait

what had happened was


rough trade

Apparently macarons fight back?

good hygiene


True story: Loki puts jellybeans in my PB&Js — except this one time.

mystery ingredient

tune in tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion!


heart eyes, motherfucker

apple shenanigans

for those just tuning in, Loki makes my lunch every night. the buggs help. apparently the right fruit means a late-night dance number in the kitchen.

jazz hands apples

common hazards

it’s “don’t cross the streams”, guys

It’s totally ok to combine cheeses, guys, I promise.

good hygiene

am I the only one concerned that they’re swimming in *brine*? that is not going to feel good on their pink bits. if they have pink bits. really sorry I started this train of thought. 

in conclusion, SANDWICHES.

sandwich trouble again

just in case

the mandoline is much safer