Fun fact: The alchemical  symbol for potash is also the logo for our band, Reliquary.


it’s fun to stay at the

das ich

Das Ich remains to this day, one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.


I wanna hold your hand

hello buggy



Spoiler alert: we did not go see Death Hex. Alas.

RIP Mister Lucky

let’s dance

the day the music died

This one bums us out every year. Rest in peace, gentlemen, and thank you for the music.

didn’t realize NAMM was held in the Pegasus galaxy

I’m really bummed Loki & I had to go to the boring one in Anaheim.

nice muttonchops, mr bugg

kiss me


encore! encore!

deeply unsatisfying

unfinished things are the worst, amirite?

charlie bugg xmas