oh, yes, wait a minute, Mister Postbugg

kind of bugg

the lost chord

the king


a slim pixie, thin and forlorn

the cannons are the best part

bugg aid

you ain’t nothin’ but a hound corndog

we love Joan Jett in this household

sgt. bugper

musical theatre


If Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony were ever an opera, Buggs, I kind of don’t think it would involve stabbing. Because ODE TO JOY.

do your art

I was pretty sure she meant Mr Bugg’s music, but ok.

letters für elise

I wouldn’t dream of pointing out their error. In fact, I am just going to die right here because Mr Bugg as Robert and Mrs Bugg as Gallup MELTS MY VERY FUCKING SOUL.

not that Das Ich

THAT Das Ich put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life, in a grubby little bar in Tempe. I had goosebumps for just about the entire set. Fantastisch!


Not only could you be pop stars, Buggs, but you could be THE BEST POPSTARS EVER IN THE HISTORY OF EVER.

strange fruit

Bugg music is weird, y’all.


Loki’s unabashed loved of Jpop and Kpop has brought us to this. Clearly the Buggs support his love, and were probably only too happy to dress up and fart on cue!

bad breakup

She looks really sad about it, but it seems to have been inevitable.