but buggs ARE good

we miss the pupper familias


Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful and still more wonderful and yet again wonderful.

the fun’s gone out of life

missing Fenris


Our friends came over to hug Fenris on his last evening with us. It was both heartwarming and a punch to the feels, but we made absolutely certain he knew how much he was loved. 

dark days

Sorry if our normally-fun drawings’ dark turn is upsetting, but 2018 was a shitshow of grief and pain for us, and the buggs feel that. 

mothers day

second thoughts

there were a few tense moments, for sure.

a bugg is born

Y’all didn’t realize how old Loki and I are, huh? Yep. Ancient buggs, the pair of us.

best buggs


nothing wrong with captain bubblegum


cold weather gear

crate or no

yeah, all of these are out of order. they’re not tone-deaf or anything, I just got the order mixed up when I scanned them.