mothers day




boxing day

Guys … guys, that’s not what it– wait, when did you get belly buttons?!

martin bugg king

they mostly don’t understand why it’s just one day a year.

three-drink suriel

I can’t do my trick anymore, not since my surgery 🙁 

and all through the house

stargate-themed bugturnalia


extra crispy

beach weekend

I don’t know what’s cuter, the sun hat or the swim googles. Let’ s go with “both”.



amateur night

cinquo de maybe [click to embiggen]

Ah, yes, May 5: Along with St. Patrick’s Day, one of the nights we steadfastly refuse to go anywhere that serves alcohol, because of all the amateurs drinking way too much.

Really hope you’re doing your tequila shots and sombrero dances at home, Buggs!

earth day

earth day [click to embiggen]

I have many fond memories of Earth Day 1990 — mostly that I (a) did not vomit, and (2) was not caught.


bugg day

bugg day [click to embiggen]

OK, look, Buggs, I did not threaten violence at Loki on the day we met. I said I was going to mug him and steal his jacket, and plenty of muggings happen without any violence at all, so y’all need to just move the hell on, ok?

st. buggrick

st. buggrick [click to embiggen]

Amateur night aside, those are some super-cute outfits, Buggs!

a big night on the amateur drinkers’ calendar

irish solidarity [click to embiggen]

Along with Cinco de Buggo, one of the nights I positively will not go to a bar, and in recent years, hardly leave the house.

groundbuggs day

groundbuggs day [click to embiggen]

But the big question is, will Buggxsutanny Phil see his shadow?


luau [click to embiggen]

True story: Loki and I went to a luau-themed New Year’s Eve party dressed in identical Hawaiian shirts … because that’s what old married couples do, right?