we miss the pupper familias

the fun’s gone out of life

missing Fenris

dark days

Sorry if our normally-fun drawings’ dark turn is upsetting, but 2018 was a shitshow of grief and pain for us, and the buggs feel that. 

fenris feels

That was a rough time, for sure. Fuck cancer.

love Fenris

nothing wrong with captain bubblegum


argh you guys, this was indeed when my mom died. fair warning, the next few drawings are gonna be sad.

more buggs are always welcome

2018 was not a good year for us, y’all.

my mom’s smile was fucking radiant

not my happiest birthday ever, it’s true


I was pretty happy to be home. 


yeah, I found the last birthday card she bought me. she was pretty great, my mom was.

holding hands

Buggs holding hands are my favorite, right after jumping buggs.


Oh shit, you guys. I knew we’d get here eventually, but it’s still a gut punch. I miss my mom so much. 


ok yeah seriously what the fuck happened