kissing [click to embiggen]

Fun fact: Loki’s and my first kiss, lo these many years ago, was upon a lifeguard tower at Corona Del Mar — the bit facing Newport Harbor — in a cove that was used to film bits of Gilligan’s Island.

Weird fact: Several years earlier, on a whale watch boat that sailed from Newport, I took a picture of the very lifeguard tower. SPOOKY.

Anyway. There was a girl obstinately reading on the tower the day we were there, and I refused to let Loki and/or Doug roust her so we could re-enact the moment.


Mr and Mrs Bugg are sitting atop a lifeguard tower. Their arms are around each other and they are kissing enthusiastically. A flag flutters from the lifeguard tower as the ocean ripples in the background.

The text reads: “Buggs kissing on a lifeguard tower. As it should be.”