carrot mines?

carrot mines [click to embiggen]

OK, how come they’ll work with tools all day long to create a costume they’ll wear for a few minutes while Loki draws my note, but peeling and chopping a carrot for my lunch is somehow the end of the world?

Anyway, I agreed to go back to buying the bulk baby carrots at Costco, so everyone should be happy again.


Mr and Mrs Bugg each stand in front of a carrot balanced on sawhorses. Mr Bugg is wielding an axe to cut up the carrot, while Mrs Bugg uses a hand plane on hers, to get the peel off. They both look so very, very sad.

The text reads: “Decembugg 3, 2013: The Buggs are very sad they were sent back to the carrot slicing mines, where there is no candy.”