pants are important

I need pants [click to embiggen]

You guys. YOU GUYS. The Wikipedia description of this film is killing me: “Hardy […] is further upset by repeated incidents with the kilt. Women faint.”

Part of me really wants to watch this to see these incidents, if only to see what caused women to faint in the Twenties.


Mr and Mrs Bugg are dressed as silent film stars. Mr Bugg is rocking the bowler hat, his eyes half closed and a large smile on his face. Mrs Bugg, meanwhile, is quite a bit chubbier than normal. She is also rocking a bowler — with a bow — but her expression, under her Hitler ‘stache, is sad. Or perhaps angry. Or rebellious? I dunno. ANYWAY.

The text reads: “Decembug 3, 1927: “Putting Pants on Buggy”, the first Laurel and Buggy film, is released.”