again with the juice boxes

bendy straws again

Do you guys fully understand how happy it makes me to see Bugg Vader with a juice box complete with bendy straw? It is off-the-fucking-charts happy. It is not-measurable-with-existing technology happy. It is private-smile-for-hours happy.

It is one of those tiny, easy-to-miss details of these drawings that make me so very, very glad that I have a sweetie who likes to make me smile.


Mrs Bugg is rocking the Vader cosplay: Helmet (with bow), cape, black robes and that weird-ass control thingy he was rocking on his chest. Mr Bugg is a stormtrooper, and they both have a gun in one hand, and, in the other, a tray, on which reposes their lunch (I’m guessing sandwiches, string cheese, baby carrots and a clementine), along with a juice box, into which the bendy straw has already been inserted.

The text reads: “The Buggs switched outfits to go get a snack at the cantina.”