Man, I hope I get a superpower!

I think I would like to be able to stop time — not to play jokes on people or cheat at gambling or anything, although I might think about it — no, I would use it to get a full night’s sleep every fucking night. Think about it: I’d start to fall asleep, stop time, sleep until I’m done, and not be awoken by the sun or strange noises or the corndogg barking at the ninjas or the trash guys or high-speed kittens to the face or anything.

Man, that would be the business.


Mr and Mrs Bugg are modelling their XBugg cosplay: Mrs Bugg is in full Wolverine mode, her adamantium claws extended and ready to slice and dice. She is also rocking a cape, a full-head mask with pointy ears, and what looks for all the world like a vest over a tshirt and Underoos, but I don’t judge. Maybe it’s yellow spandex. Anyway! Mr Bugg is also rocking a cape and full-face mask, with his own underoos, and he has a couple fingers pressed to his forehead while waves of psychic energy pour off him.

The text reads: “In the not too distant future, there will be a rising of the mutant buggs – the X Buggs”