millennium buggcon


When Loki started drawing the Star Wars Bugg series, I wasn’t even thinking ahead to other characters and situations, but when he said “Chewbugga” I nearly had a stroke, I was laughing so hard, and spent hours yelling “CHEWBUGGA!” and collapsing in laughter again.


Mr Bugg is a perfectly awesome Bugg Solo: Vest, holster on hips, laser blaster in hand. (It is absolutely not his Stargate uniform. The vest is just a vest, no pockets or little loops for ammo or anything. In conclusion, not the Stargate vest.) Mrs Bugg, gods help us all, is a buggkie, huge, fur-covered, a bandolier slung across her chest and a blunt weapon ready. in the background, an antennae’d Millennium Buggcon waits to take them on the Kessel Run.

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