math is hard

math [click to embiggen]

True story: We have a wall in our bedroom with a triangular space behind it, where I thought we could build a cupboard or a hidden room or some shit, but I was trying to figure out the actual space, so I drew it out, wrote all the measurements I could get on the drawing, and then remembered that I suck at math and abandoned the note.

Apparently, this was taken as a challenge by the Buggs, and they did indeed solve it for me!

(We still haven’t built the cupboard.)


Mr and Mrs Bugg are shown in several vignettes: Holding large pencils and standing over a sheet of equations, tongues out in concentration as per usual; thinking hard, while employing the correct pose; and jumping up and down on the buttons of a calculator, which is frankly my favorite and made me laugh out loud, kind of a lot.

The text reads: “The Buggs want to thank you for giving them a math quest … they like mathing and learning geometry was fun.”