death by sport

death by sport

Does it freak anyone else out that, when buggs set out to invent a sport, the first thing they do is dismember, maim and kill the other team, then work out less-violent rules? No? Just me?



Mr and Mrs Bugg stand on a buggball pitch, Mrs Bugg on the pitcher’s mound with a ball-with-nails-in-it in her left hand and a huge buggball glove on her right. She has a sword sticking out of her back, but her sporty buggball cap has a bow on it, so she’s probably quite well pleased. She faces Mr Bugg, wielding a bat with mails in it. In the outfield, the opposing team lays scattered across the pitch, dead in various unpleasant ways: Arrow to the heart, sword to the gut, cut in half. We know they are dead because their eyes are Xs.

The text reads: “Junebugg 19, 1846: The first official Buggball game is played by the New Bugg City buggball team, defeating the Nickerbuggers of New Buggsey 23-1 … the rules were still being worked on.”