hey, guess who?

joan of bugg, part one million

Ah, what the hell. Let’s give her her own category.


So. Once again, the Buggs are cosplaying Joan of Bugg fighting an epic battle. Mrs Bugg does the honors, atop a rearing horse, holding her traditional ankh-emblazoned shield and hoisting a sword. She is wearing sunglasses, because of course she is a rockstar. She is facing an army with the most woebegone expressions on their faces, their flag in the dust, swords pointing downward in defeat. Mr Bugg, representing the Joan of Bugg fanclub, clasps his hands in adoration while hearts of love spew from his head.

The text reads: “Junebugg 18, 1429: Buggench forces under Joan of Bugg defeat the Bugglish army at Buggtay.”