buggland crime and punishment

the buggs templar

I love that dude’s helmet has antennae. Also, Mrs Bugg seems to be taking the 8-year-old boy approach to toasting marshmallows.


A bugg, wearing armor and an antennae’d helmet and carrying a shield, is standing next to a campfire, quite upset because his marshmallow is burnt. Next to him, Mr and Mrs Bugg are also waving marshmallows on sticks — Mrs Bugg is rocking the multi-branched marshmallow stick with five marshmallows, while Mr Bugg has the classic single marshmallow on a stick — but theirs are not burnt.

The text reads: “Munch 18, 1314: Jacques de Bugglay, the last Grand Master of the Buggs Templar is burned at the stake … which in bugg terms means he accidentally lit his veggie marshmallow on fire …”