the hair is the best


I like to think that Mrs Bugg’s expression is one of shock that anyone can get their hair to do that in the days before Aqua Net.


Mr Bugg is Albert Bugstein, which we know from the hair sticking out from his head at all angles. He’s also rocking a short-sleeved checked shirt, which is adorable, and from his head springs a thought bubble with a most intriguing equation: E equals pi times X divided by the Reliquary symbol times a lollipop and some squiggles. No doubt this genius bit of math is what is causing Mrs Bugg to throw her arms up in astonishment, her mouth and eyes huge Os of same.

The text reads: “Bugvember 21, 1905: Albert Bugstein releases his paper “Analen der Physibugg” regarding energy and mass – Bugg = MC2.”