she does not drink … vine

dracubugg [click to embiggen]

As a goth, I am naturally inclined (not to say legally required) to love vampiric hijinks, but even if I were not, I would still be grinning my food head off over Mrs Bugg’s fangs. Who’s an adorable little vampire? YOU ARE!


You guys. Mrs Bugg is the most adorable creature of the night EVER. She is rocking the black suit and opera cloak, which had better be lined in red velvet if she knows what’s good for her, and holding her arms up in victory. Her smile is punctuated by the cutest fangs I have ever seen in my life. Mr Bugg is cosplaying as the defeated king. He’s on his knees, his hands clasped before in him in entreaty.

The text reads: “Novembug 26, 1476: Vlad the Buggpaler (Dracubugg) defeats Buggsarab to become the ruler of Buglachia for the third time.”