last stand


The bow on the feather of the headdress slays me. I know I never shut up about the damn bow, but come on. It is just so fucking cute.

Also, given the Buggs’ penchant for malapropisms, it’s only a mercy they didn’t call him “Custard”.


Mr Bugg as Custer stands amidst the bodies of his soldiers, whose X-eyes indicate they are definitely dead. He waving his ineffectual handgun and looking aghast at the arrow protruding from his chest. Mrs Bugg plays the role of one of the attacking Native Americans Buggericans? Anyway, I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that she’s Chief Sitting Bugg, because anything else would break my heart. Her horse is rearing, her quiver is full, and she is about to put a decisive arrow through the face of the extremely crap strategist Custer, just in case the chest arrow didn’t take, and end the fight. Ahem.

The text reads: “Junebugg 25, 1876: Battle of the Little Bugghorn and death of Lieutenant Colonel George Buggstrong Custer.”