I love bugg skates almost as much as bugg cleats

buggkey [click to embiggen]

Seriously, how adorable are those ice skates? Really fucking adorable, that’s how adorable.


Mr and Mrs Bugg are cosplaying as buggkey players: Mr Bugg is wearing a huge jersey over his pads, with some kind of leaf on, and holding a buggkey stick and balancing on his teeny, adorable skates. His huge grin is missing several teeth. Mrs Bugg is also rocking the teeny skates, but her outfit is a bit scarier: Her jersey is dark and portrays a fierce tofubeast mascot, and she wears the creepy mask of a goalie, which no doubt accounts for the huge glove. I’m assuming she’s carrying the stick for offensive purposes.

The text reads: “Novembug 26, 1917: The National Buggkey League is formed.”