buggs always survive

sepbuku [click to embiggen]

What was the 47th doing? I bet his phone had died, so he didn’t get the text.


Mr Bugg is plunging a large knife into his gut, an expression of agony on his face. His eyes are the Xs of imminent death. Behind him, more buggs are doing the same thing. Mrs Bugg, meanwhile, is standing with a large sword held high, possibly playing the part of the 47th ronin, who appears to be some sort of icky coxswain or cheerleader or gameshow host? I just do not even know.

The text reads: “Febuggary 4, 1703: In Ebugg (now Tokbugyo), 46 of the 47 Ronin commit sepbuku … the bugg version lets the survive to go to Disnbug World.”