and so began untold decades of college footbug. yay.


While I am not a fan of footbug (college OR professional), I do get a kick out of the leather helmets.

Also, this game, which apparently began collegiate footbug rivalries, ended with the losing team fleeing for their lives in their carriages.



Mr Bugg is kitted out in early footbug gear, with a leather helmet more fashionable than protective, and the number zero adorning his jersey. He clutches the buggskin under his arm as he rushes, other arm straight out in approved Heisbugg fashion, while Mrs Bugg leaps in front of him to attempt to stop him. The goalpost awaits in the distant end zone.

The text reads: “Novembug 6, 1869: In New Bugswick, Rutbugs defeats Princetbug, 6-4, in the first Ameribug footbug game.”