what, no “failure to buy a TV license”, too?

anne buggleyn

Man, the buggs sure do like to rack up the charges. What other weird shit could they have charged her with, I wonder? My favorite in that list is probably “being intoxicated and in charge of a cow in Scotland,” because seriously, what’s that mental checklist like?

“OK, I’m drunk and I’m in Scotland … but I’m NOT in charge of a cow. Ok!”
“Today I’m in Scotland and I’m in charge of a cow, but I’m NOT drunk. Whew.”
“Dunk … Scotland … cow … DAMMIT.”


Mr Bugg gets to wear the sheriff’s badge this time, while a manacled Mrs Bugg, wearing a bow-topped crown, looks ever so sad. The burp really wasn’t that loud.

The text reads: “Maybee 2, 1536: Anne Buggleyn, Queen of Buggland, is arrested and imprisoned for adultery, incest, treason, witchcraft, j-walking, burping in public, and crimes against buggary. No pun, just the way it’s spelled.”