weirdness ahead

so you may have noticed that I’ve been posting more regularly, which means I was running out of scanned drawings, so I went back to the box of drawings I’d been scanning earlier. I noticed they seemed super recent, but kept going.

when I finished that box last night, I grabbed the very last box and started scanning, and the drawings … were from late 2015 forward. yep, I scanned the two boxes out of order.

what this means for you: well, except for the This Day in Bugg History things, it’ll be all mentions of events that happened 2-4 years ago — like, there are a bunch of Fury Road-themed drawings coming your way. I mean A BUNCH. (I’m still just as into Fury Road, but the Buggs no longer feel the need to post-apo it up as much.)

it also means it’ll be ages before we get current, because EVERY DAMN STACK OF DRAWINGS is out of order and sorting them out would be tedious and unfulfilling. the goal is to share the cute, not to maintain a strict timeline =) that said, I might work on posting 4-a-day or 5-a-day to get caught up more quickly.

let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

love and buggs,