walk like an egyptian

walk like a buggyptian

Of course the pyramid has antennae. Of course there is a tofubeast playing the part of the sphinx. Of course the Buggs are rocking the right-angled Egyptian arms. I’m not sure why you’d expect anything else at this point.


The Buggs are getting into ancient history now! Mr Bugg, wearing a crown and one of those awesome, straight Egyptian miniskirts, his arms in the weird, blocky S-shape that the ancient Egyptians favored, stands in front of an antennae’d pyramid, while Mrs Bugg also does the Egyptian arms. In the background, a tofusphinx stands guard over the area.

The text reads: “Aprovul 24, 1479 BCB (Before Common Bugg Era): Thut Buggmose III ascends the throne of Buggypt.”