I love how the Buggs just default to creating things. With hammers and torches.


Mr and Mrs Bugg are working on their tradeskills: Mr Bugg is wearing welding goggles and wielding some manner of welding torch, welding something to something else. Behind him stands a tank of some form of gas. Oxygen? Acetylene? Plasma? Who knows. What we do know is that his tongue is out in concentration, so he is clearly working hard, as is Mrs Bugg, who is standing before a forge, holding something on the anvil with her left hand, while her right hand clutches a huge hammer, preparatory to beating the shit out of the thing in her left hand. Skillin’ is in the process of happening.

The text reads: “Bugust 22, 2013: Nothing happened in Bugdom … so the buggs decided to work on side projects.”