they should keep robes by the door

busted [click to embiggen]

Ok, look.

I can see how clothes could get in the way of naked sexytimes or whatever it is the buggs do, and I can maybe see how removing one’s stripes could be relaxing, but why in the name of all that is holy does Mrs Bugg need to remove her antennae?

Actually, never mind. I don’t want to know.


Mr and Mrs Bugg are still naked. Mr Bugg is holding his right hand to his groin, while his left hand is extended towards us in the universal “STOP RIGHT THERE” gesture. Perspective makes his hand look like a huge, three-fingered glove. His expression is one of shock. Mrs Bugg, meanwhile, has a hand to her groin as well, and is using her other hand to cover what are presumably her breasts? I … kind of don’t want to think about this any more. She’s also missing her antennae, for reasons upon which I now refuse to speculate.

The text reads: “Sometimes when the buggs are alone, they get caught nekkid.”