the upper buggwest


So I have a fairly crappy day job, complete with hateful boss and heaping helpings of daily stress, but it all fades to the background upon the sight of Mrs Bugg with a bow-topepd feather on her head, and Mr Bugg in a coonskin cap.


Mrs Bugg is in her Native American outfit, which is basically a feather on her head, topped by her bow. She is paddling a canoe through rough waters. Mr Bugg is in the bow of the canoe, one foot propped on the bow in accepted explorer fashion, one hand on his hip and the other shading his eyes as he scans the river ahead. A coonskin cap is his concession to the explorer trope.

The text reads: “Buggly 2, 1679: Buggapeons first visit Buggasota and find the headwaters of the Buggiggippia River, in an expedition led by Daniel Greybugg de DuBugg.”