the great train wreck


I remember reading about this when I was quite small, in a book of train disasters I found while visiting the house of a family friend. The description of the concertina’ing train cars bringing death and destruction was so vivid in my mind, I had nightmares for weeks. If I’d known the victims could just regenerate, I’d’ve been much less traumatized.


Mr Bugg stands in the foreground, arms raised in too-late warning, while Mrs Bugg’s hands cover her mouth in horror. In the background, two antennae’d train locomotives speed towards one another on the same track. Screaming metal carnage is milliseconds away.

The text reads: “Buggly 31, 1940: Doodlebug (actual name) Disaster. A doodlebugg train in Cuhoybug Falls collides with a freight train. 48 Buggs were killed and took days to regenerate.”