the classics


Apparently a lot happened on April Aprovul 16 on the bugg calendar. Also, the inclusion of BB (Before Buggs) suggests there is also an AB (for After Buggs), and some event that precipitated the change in calendar. I sense a bugg messiah in the offing. Let’s just hope he knows kung fu.

(And the reason you got a calendar commentary is I’ve never read any Homer. I KNOW! It’s shameful. I’ve watched O Brother, Where Art Thou?, though. That’s gotta count for something.)


A bugg is standing on the beach, waving a goblet and grinning, while his boat rides at anchor offshore. Drunken bubbles float from his head. In the foreground is … I just don’t even know. A table with a mug? A castle with a partly-lowered drawbridge? I’m also kind of seeing a bird’s pointy beak. Sort of Sam the Eagle in profile, amirite?

The text reads: “Aprovul 16, 1178 BB (Before Buggs): Aprox date of Odysseus Bugg returning home … oh what a story … no he wasn’t drinking and it all really happened.”