the buggs’ favorite historical figure

yet more joan

I might need to have a chat with them about their Joan of Bugg fetish. Hopefully it’s innocent admiration and not something more sinister.

On the other hand, it’s not like they can stalk her in the grave.

Can they?


Mrs Bugg is Joan of Bugg, atop her antennae’d horse, waving her sword and protected by her be-ankhed shield, while armored buggs in her army lead the captured prisoner away in shackles. In the background, Mr Bugg shows his love of Joan with head-hearts.

The text reads: “Junebugg 12, 1429: Hundred Buggs War; Joan of Bugg leads the Bugrench army in their capture of the city and commander William de la Bugg, in the second day of the Battle of Bugreau.”