the book was far superior

chitty chitty bang bang [click to embiggen]

ETA: I fucking love the Buggs’ flying car, and thank them for doing such a charming drawing! I do like the movie reasonably well, just not as well as the books.

No, seriously. The book fucking rocked. There was none of this Creepy Long-Nose Guy there to freak me the fuck out, and they went to France, which was awesome, and there was pirate treasure, and Caractacus was fucking British, unlike Dick Van Dyke DO NOT GET ME STARTED.

Also, that book started a love affair with Ian Fleming that led me to read all the Bond books before I was ten or so. In many ways, those are all superior to the films as well — with the possible exception of Daniel Craig, who perfectly embodies the comparative fragility and humanity of book!Bond.

And so concludes the I Have Feels About Ian Fleming, Let Me Show You Them Hour.