that smile

mona buggisa [click to embiggen]

What we’ve got here is proof that Mrs Bugg is a method actor. She sees that the Mona Buggisa has kind of a thousand-yard stare going, so she digs through her mental repertoire of characters and emotions, and realizes that the Jaffa have the thousand-yard stare going on, and uses that for her inspiration. It’s just a little sad that she made Mr Bugg paint the symbol of her god on her forehead, too.


Mr Bugg stands with his back to us, contemplating a large painting on an easel, arms in the accepted “looking at art” pose, with one arm across his chest, upon which hand rests the elbow of the other arm. That hand is either pressed to his chin or lips, we can’t tell. The painting is of a woman, Mrs Bugg, wearing a dress, a bow in her hair. Her arms are folded, and her face projects a thousand-yard stare. We will ignore the symbol upon her forehead.

The text reads: “janubug 8, 1963: Leonardo de Bugg’s Mona Buggisa is first displayed in the United Buggs. Totally not doing the Jaffa face.”